2019 Annual CEB Conference

Workshop Topics

  1. Benefits and its Role in Your Organization's Employee Value Proposition

    Statistics show that approximately 75% of job seekers research your brand before even deciding to apply (recruiting.com). With the availability of information through sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, how can the benefits and perks you offer play a strong role in your organization's EVP and attracting and retaining talen

    Focus: Benefits Administration

  1. Paid Time-Off and Student Debt Assistance: We’re Way Beyond Foosball Tables Now

    Today’s workers have expressed a need for different types of benefits beyond the “traditional” offering. How do enhanced paid time-off and student debt assistance programs find their way into your company’s total rewards offering and could these make sense for your organization? More than ever, employers are looking at these programs to see if they actually have an impact on recruiting and retention efforts.

    Focus: Benefits Administration

  1. Connect the Dots for your Employees

    Instead of playing hide-and-seek with your benefits messages, change the game of your communications by driving employees to one navigation platform that gives them critical information when they need it. In an age of more employees working remotely, telecommuting and constantly traveling, a streamlined communication strategy can only help reach all of your population and help them understand the full value of their benefits.

    Focus: Communications

  1. Getting Started in Global Benefits

    More and more multinational companies are centralizing the management of global benefits here in the US. For many professionals this is a new area of responsibility which requires new skills and knowledge. Join a discussion on how to get started building a global strategy and lessons learned along the way.

    Focus: Global

  1. The Shifting Rx Landscape

    Companies continue to see their Rx spend take over a significant portion of their health benefits budget and with new specialty medications hitting the market and other drugs losing brand exclusivity, this landscape continues to change. This workshop will feature a discussion of what some companies are doing to closely analyze their Rx spend and tactics they are taking to manage the growing specialty portion of this spend. What is being done with plan design, network management, utilization and clinical management, how does the PBM play an effective role – does it? Join us for a wide-ranging discussion on this significant cost issue and what others are doing to help manage it.

    Focus: Health & Wellness

  1. Total Wellbeing: Where Are We on Our Journey?

    “Wellbeing” is the hot buzzword right now. Cultivating a workplace culture that promotes employee wellbeing and investing in programs that address total wellbeing across four dimensions – physical, financial, emotional, and social – not only keep our workforce healthy and engaged but play a crucial role in driving sustainable business growth and outcomes. In this effort, some organizations have taken a leap of faith while others have taken a more cautious approach. How are we tracking on this journey? What are we seeing? Let’s have an honest discussion on where we are, what has worked, pitfalls to avoid, and success factors we can learn from each other.

    Focus: Health & Wellness

  1. What Every Benefits Professional Should Know About Their Business

    Do you speak C-suite? You should. Join a discussion to learn more about the key business and financial concepts every benefits professional should know and understand in order to better plan and execute your benefits strategy. Learn how to step into the role of Benefits CEO and demonstrate a keen understanding of your business outside of Benefits and HR. In these sessions we will be joined by C-Suite representatives to share their perspective and suggestions. Facilitators will provide practical advice based on their experiences and demonstrate some “do’s” and "don’ts" for session participants.

    Focus: Professional Development

  1. DC Plan Strategies and Communicating Retirement Strategies to Employees

    What are organizations doing in terms of flexible DC designs? This workshop will investigate up-and-coming trends such as: a portion of contributions going towards annuity purchases, matching student loan payments, sidecar accounts (payroll payments into a short-term savings vehicle, then directly into 401(k) once objective is met), traditional after-tax deferrals, demographic segmentation in design and communications, and coordination with HSAs. Further, when considering “communication,” attention will be paid to the reality of "It’s not what you say. It’s what they hear."

    Focus: Retirement

  1. Financial Wellbeing and Connection to Retirement Adequacy

    HR has a strong part to play in promoting financial wellbeing. However, with the potential impact of financial stress on engagement and productivity, the drive to promote wellbeing should be a cross-functional one. From the benefits team to the CFO and the entire C-Suite, various stakeholders see the growing connection between enabling financial wellbeing and the impact on the bottom line. Find out what leading companies are doing to develop wellbeing strategies and help employees strengthen their financial security.

    Focus: Retirement

  1. Benefits and the Changing Workforce Landscape

    The employee/employer landscape continues to shift as organizations explore various types of arrangements beyond the “traditional” employment classifications.  All of this collides with the war for talent and the need to prevent the brain (and skills) drain of an aging workforce.  How can benefits be designed to support various employment models?  Is now the time to re-introduce and re-imagine “flexible benefit programs?”  Where are the opportunities and obstacles in thinking differently about your benefits program?

    Focus: Strategy

  1. 2019, A Benefits Odyssey

    Innovation in technology keeps moving at an ever-faster pace. Why and how can we leverage emerging and growth areas like artificial intelligence (AI), predictive modeling and blockchain to drive further innovation and employee engagement? What does it mean for our delivery and communication of benefits?

    Focus: Technology

  1. Hot Topics – Health & Wellness

    Focus: Health & Wellness

  1. Hot Topics – Retirement

    Focus: Retirement